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Short Summary

Measurements of luminance distributions with high dynamic range (HDR) are required for various applications (e.g. new LED- or laser-based car headlights, obtrusive light, sky glow, road lighting, and glare evaluation).
Both imaging luminance measurement devices (ILMDs) and red-green-blue (RGB) sensor cameras that are based on a colour filter array are often used for such assessments.
HDR luminance images are achieved by severe digital post-processing of image sequences, which lacks standardisation and uncertainty statements.
This project aims at developing procedures for providing SI-traceability to HDR imaging measurement systems, and at standardising the determination of the instrument performance, including associated uncertainties, and at selecting an HDR algorithm adequate for SI-traceable luminance measurements.
In addition, the need for reliable evaluation, verification, and SI-traceability of HDR imaging measurement systems and glare assessment will be addressed, along with an awareness of the limitations, especially for critical areas of society such as working place ergonomics and traffic safety and environmental impact of obtrusive light.