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Consortium Meeting at M18

A full consortium meeting had been held as an in-person meeting in M18 (13.-15. March 2024) at the site of TUB in Berlin, Germany.
During this meeting the consortium also held a field-measurement session at the LED-catwalk (LED-Laufsteg) of TUB, a street installation for research studies. This stable scene had been equipped with additional targets for evaluation: grey cards, light traps, and the revised prototype of the developed high contrast luminance source (three luminance sources). Beside a spot luminance meter and flicker meter, several ILMDs and DSLRs from five partners have been used in various configurations of focus, aperture, neutral density filter, and lens type.

Lab-based measurement session using the high contrast luminance source prototype

A lab-based measurement session was held at the lab of CMI in Prague on 05.-07.03.2024 together with partners CSIC and METAS for characterizing ILMDs and industrial vision cameras using seven prototypes of the revised high contrast luminance source. By various arrangements of sources and ILMD configurations (lenses, aperture) the characteristic of HDR lumiance measurement devices where investigated, i.e. also regarding out-of field straylight.

M09 reporting to the funding organization

In October 2023 the M09 repording documents of HiDyn have been accepted by the funding organization. The Data Management Plan of HiDyn and an updated Publishable Summary reflecting the status achieved at M09 are accepted by MSU and provided open access as Impact Documents.

Consortium Meeting at M12

An ad-hoc Consortium Meeting and discussions of the Workpackage leaders were held attached to the CIE Quadrennial Session of the CIE 2023 in Ljubljana, Slovenia in September 2023. Beside discussing conference contributions from HiDyn the current status of reporting and implementation as well as upcoming items had been adressed.

Consortium Meeting at M09

A full consortium meeting was held as an in-person meeting in M09 (7.-9. June 2023) at the site of CMI in Prague, Czech Republic.

During this meeting the consortium also had a hands-on in the lab of CMI, namely performing tests with a prototype of the high-contrast luminance source setup (including also a light trap and a small source for demonstrations of diffraction effects and ghosts images) using different luminance meters including image luminance measurement devices.

First Publishable Summary of HiDyn released

The final version of the first Publishable Summary of HiDyn to be disseminated was prepared during the first month of the JRP, accepted in December 2022 by the funding organization, and is available for download at the subpage Impact. This Publishable Summary will be reviewed and updated by the consortium at each reporting period.

First Stakeholder Meeting

The first Stakeholder Meeting of the JRP 21NRM01 HiDyn will be held on October 13th 2022 at 17:00 local time as an in-person meeting at the site of ICCS attached to the CIE Division 2 Meeting 2022 in Athens. Online-attendees of the CIE D2 Meeting will have the chance to attend remotely.

During this meeting representatives from the HiDyn consortium will give an overview on the JRP and its objectives with a focus on the WPs and tasks. By a detailed view on the deliverables and aimed contributions to CIE TCs is intended to get in contact with additional stakeholders and to gain feedback aligning the implementation an dissemination.

Kick-off Meeting

The kick-off meeting of the EPM JRP 21NRM01 HiDyn was held on 12th and 13th September 2022 (i.e. prior to the formal start date 1st October) as an in-person Meeting at PTB Braunschweig with the option to attend a majority of the agenda items via a video conference. All content on the beamer was presented via screen-sharing in a web-meeting. Oral discussions from the meeting room were shared via a speakerphone into this videoconference so that the remote participants were able to contribute as well.

Sixteen participants from nine partners and one potential collaborator participated in the meeting. Fourteen persons attended the meeting in-person and one partner (METAS) participated only online. In addition, additional participants of two partners also attended online during selected parts of the meeting.